The Village of Golf

           Civic Association Officers:

President  -  Bridget Costello

VP-Village Bd. Rep. -  Jennifer Born

Treasurer -  Kelly Gill

Recording Secretary - Kim Vick

Welcoming Chair – Blanca Berthier

Corresponding Secretary - Jamye Olthoff

At - large member -  Meg Shine

Gardening Chair -  Maureen Carson

Directory Chair - Rosanna Peterson 

You can reach the Civic Association for any reason by emailing us at :


Golf Civic Association

                                             From our Civic Association President

The Golf Civic Association is a community organization which serves the village of Golf, Illinois. The board is comprised of nine members whose responsibility it is to plan social events for the residents of the village and help celebrate holidays, as well as welcome new residents and keep our village looking beautiful.

We are a small community; one of the smallest in Cook County. However, there is a long tradition of community involvement and organization, which distinguishes our town. We invite any prospective residents to contact one of the GCA board members to find out more about our board and itsactivities, as well as the events we plan and host for village residents. 
We communicate via a periodic newsletter, which allows us to let all GCA members know what is happening in the village. Residents join the Golf Civic Association, with modest annual dues, and then receive a directory of village residents, as well as the periodic newsletter, and the chance to sign up for and participate in GCA events.

We are always looking for new members for the GCA and encourage anyone who is interested to contact Bridget Costello  for more information.  Thanks for visiting our site, and finding more out about our special village.

You can reach Bridget at :