Name         Responsibility            Email Address


Bob Carson
TrusteeJim DominikEmergency Servicesj.dominik@villageofgolf.us
TrusteeTony KalogerakosStreets and Sanitationt.kalogerakos@villageofgolf.us
TrusteeBob Der Avedisian
Water and Utilities
TrusteeRobert Farr
Finance and Administrationr.farr@villageofgolf.us
TrusteeJulie Tillman
Building and Zoningj.tillman@villageofgolf.us


Joe Annotti
Public Buildings and Groundsj.annotti@villageofgolf.us
TreasurerKelly ZabinskiTreasurytreasurer@villageofgolf.us
AdministratorMichelle ShapiroAdministrationadministrator@villageofgolf.us
ClerkKim Lundgren
Building CommissionerBob HammerPrivate Buildingsbldgcomm@villageofgolf.us
Police ChiefDennis McEnerneyPolice Forced.mcenerney@villageofgolf.us
Civic AssociationSecretaryCorrespodence golfcivicboard@gmail.com
Zoning Board of Appeals
Zoning appealszba@villageofgolf.us
Trees and Landscaping
Village of GolfTrees and Landscaping


Our Village is a "Home Rule" Community governed by the Illinois Constitution.  Our  Village ordinances can be seen at: https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/golfil/latest/overview .  Since the Village is so small, 453 residents, 171 homes and no businesses, we've had a volunteer government for most of our history.  The Village Board meets on the second Monday of every month at the Village Hall and Meeting Agendas can be found on this site or posted in the Village Post Office. Each of our six Trustees have separate responsibilites and function like department heads while  our Village Administrator,  Michelle Shapiro, handles most of the day to day work of the Village.  Her hours are Mondays and  Thursdays from 9am to 1pm  and Wednesdays  from 1 - 5 pm or by Appointment.  You can call her at 847-998-8852 or email her at administrator@villageofgolf.us .  See the Table below for a complete list of Officials with their contact information or you can download a copy of the contact list using this link:   .

The Village of Golf