Water Bills

​Village meter readings and billings are done  quarterly.  As the Golf residents are billed quarterly, the Village pays for the water up to 90 days prior to the receipt of the funds from its residents. This makes it essential that the resident’s water bills are paid promptly after issuance. There is a $25 charge that is assessed on unpaid water bills 45 days after the invoice date. If the bill remains unpaid as of 60 days from invoice date, an additional $25 may be assessed and interest will accrue at 1% per month. Water bills may be paid by mail to the  Village Hall but the easiest way to pay is to sign up for auto-debit by downloading the form from the "Forms" page on this website and submitting it to our Village Administrator.  There is no extra fee for this service.

Water Service 

The Village of Golf is committed to  supplying clean, safe water to its residents and commercial users.  The Water Department is responsible for maintenance and operation of the Golf water system including water main repairs, leak location, meters and meter reading, inspections, J.U.L.I.E. location service, hydrant maintenance, and water sampling and testing.  The Village of Golf maintains approximately 3.4 miles of water system supplying over 20 million gallons of water annually.  Water is purchased from the Village of Glenview which in turn purchases its water from the Village of Wilmette which has its own water purification plant on Lake Michigan.  To learn more about our water please use the following link to get our latest Water Quality Report:  Village Water Quality Report 06.03.20

Water Problems

If you notice any problems with the Village of Golf water system, please report them immediately to the Golf Police Department. The Police Department may be reached through Cook County dispatch at 847/635-1188. Tell them the information is for the Golf officer and describe the nature of the issue. 

All water systems located on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. 

Property Transfers

Any outstanding water usage must be paid in full prior to closing. The title holder or person in control of the property must notify the Village Administrator to obtain a final reading of the water meter. Upon receipt of full payment, the village will issue a certificate of payment (see sections 7-5-2 and 7-5-3 of the Golf Village Code), which must be attached to the deed of conveyance. Failure to obtain a certificate is unlawful and will result in a lien for nonpayment. Please contact the Village Administrator  at least two weeks prior to closing to arrange for a meter reading and issuance of the certificate. 


The Village of Golf

Cross Connection Program

The Village of Golf has established a Cross Connection Control Program as required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and Illinois Administrative Code. The purpose of the Cross Connection Control Program is to protect the public water supply system from contamination or pollution by isolating those contaminants and pollutants which could "backflow" through a service connection into the public water supply system.

Illinois Cross Connection information can be found at this website:


If you have a landscape irrigation system, you are required to file an annual inspection report with the Village of Golf !

 Articles about backflow and backflow prevention: